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Most Followed Cricket Clubs On Twitter | Ireland - Club & Coach
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Most Followed Cricket Clubs On Twitter | Ireland

Most Followed Cricket Clubs On Twitter | Ireland

The most followed Cricket Clubs on Twitter in Ireland


Twitter header Most followed cricket clubs irelandAfter a long and at times extremely tense winter for Cricket Ireland, the summer has finally arrived. Despite the recent cold and damp weather, groundsmen are doing sterling work to get the season started this weekend for most of the Unions (the North West got underway last week).

At a time when much of the focus over the past year is on the upper echelons of the game; including the National men’s side and Irelands elevation to the elite rank of Full Member within the International Cricket Council hierarchy. We have been keeping a close eye on the those that really make the game possible…the clubs.

This time last year, when researching another article on social media, we took a look at the number of cricket clubs with twitter accounts and how many followers they had at the time.

Twitter Club and coachWhy twitter I hear you ask?

Well, we wrote a whole article on why your club should have Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, however, to save you the 2386 words and going to the site it’s on.

Twitter FactsTwitter has 330 million monthly active users, with 110 million of those who post at least one of the 500 million tweets sent every day.

Unlike many of the newer and flashy social media channels, its been around for a while, since 2006 no less, and its following is still growing (up 6 million this year alone.)

For clubs, it’s a great way to keep your fans, members, players and parents updated quickly and easily. With only 280 characters, you have to be succinct with what you are posting…and in a world where attention span is shrinking, this is a valuable asset.

With cricket still being in the shadows of the big three (@officialgaa, @FAIreland and @irishrugby) regarding the number of participants, funding or media exposure, it punches well above its weight when it comes to social media and in particular Twitter.

It’s no secret that Cricket Ireland (@irelandcricket) was one of the early adopters of Twitter, primarily due to the efforts of @cricketbadge and his compatriots, who raised the profile of the game in Ireland with little or no budget through social media for many years.

This is still shown in the now monthly Sport For Business @SportforBusines Social Media Reports.

For the most part, Cricket Clubs in Ireland haven’t embraced Twitter as much as their governing body has, with just over 78000 followers spread amongst 134 clubs. However, this is up nearly 10000 followers on this time last year, a rise by almost 14% in one year.

Most followed Cricket iRELAND Clubs on twitterAnyway, enough of the chatter and down to the real reason you are here….to find out the most followed clubs in Ireland.

Well, here it is the top ten most followed clubs in Ireland, with Leinster Merrion leading the seven Leinster clubs in the top ten, followed by two from the Northern Cricket Union and one from Munster. The North West club with the most substantial following Strabane comes in at number 41 on the overall list with just over 800 followers.

1. Merrion – 2559 follower – up 10%
2. Cork County – 2494 Followers – up 9.1%
3. Leinster CC – 2383 Followers – up 16%
4. YMCA CC – 2292 Followers – up 9.3%
5. Terenure – 1974 Followers – up 5.1%
6. Railway Union CC – 1809 Followers – up 12.9%
7. Waringstown CC – 1795 Followers – up 13.5%
8. Pembroke – 1787 Followers – up 19.8%
9. Malahide – 1749 Followers – up 19.5%
10. CIYMS CC -1715 Followers – up 13.3%

Since this was only the tip of the iceberg of the hundred or so clubs in Ireland, we thought it would be interesting to see how the each of the clubs compared in their unions, so on the following pages, you can see where your club stands in their union based on Twitter followers.

North West Cricket Union