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How To Set Up Twitter For Your Club in 15 minutes - Club & Coach
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How To Set Up Twitter For Your Club in 15 minutes

How To Set Up Twitter For Your Club in 15 minutes

How to get your club on Twitter

So you’ve heard lots about why your club should have a Twitter social media account, and now you want to find out how to get your club online with the platform.

Well today, we will walk you through a how-to get your club up and running on Twitter in under 20 minutes.

We are going to be looking at the fundamentals of how to use Twitter by setting up your clubs profile, sending your first tweet to your fans, and thinking how the club wants to use Twitter.

Step 1. – Fill Out the Sign Up Form on Twitter’s Home Page

Start by going to twitters homepage (twitter.com), and you’ll see two sign-up boxes on the right of the screen, type your phone number or email address and a secure password – we recommend you write this down.


We feel its best to give Twitter your real name, as Twitter is all about real people and connecting with them. Right?

Step 2 – Verify your Phone number or Email address


Step 3 – Enter your email address

Enter an email address you will have access to. (You will need to confirm this email address once you are finished signing-up.)


We recommend that you use a club email address for this so that it can be accessed by the clubs committee if you leave etc

Step 4 – Choose Your Twitter Username

After you have verified the clubs details, you can now choose your Twitter Username. This is what the club will be known as on twitter. It will start with an @ symbol, for example, @yourclub or @portrushhc


Twitter will suggest the username based on the name you gave earlier, but you are free to change it.

We recommend you choose your clubs name for this, for example, Portrush Hockey Clubs twitter handle is @PortrushHC

There may be more than one club with your name, for example, according to this article, there are 1603 teams named “The Eagles” in the USA. If your clubs name isn’t available, there will be some suggested username options below, as you can see in the picture, they usually contain a number.

We do not recommend (even though we selected one for ease) just adding a number to your clubs username name.

Your username, or handle, is vital as it will be visible to everyone on Twitter and will also be in the URL of your Twitter address. (If your username is PortrushHC, your Twitter URL will be www.twitter.com/PortrushHC.)

So make sure your username is something short and easy to remember, ideally with your clubs principal name in it, so it’s tied to the club in some obvious way. “@PortrushHC” is better than “@portrush16363456.” You get the idea.

As you can see from the Portrush Hockey example you can add letters or shorten your name to a nickname, as long as its relevant and will be understood; anything is better than a number.

Step 5 – Choose Your Interests

Club-And-Coach-How-to-Get-Your-Club-On-Twitter---Select-InterestsYou can no choose what you’re interested in. We recommend that you click the options that are closest to your sport or location, as Twitter will populate sections of your newsfeed with this information. It can help your clubs find interesting articles from around the web.


However, you can skip this section.

Step 6 – Find new friends

Club-And-Coach-How-to-Get-Your-Club-On-Twitter---Find-Friends-from-your-email-contactsUsing this page, you can let Twitter have access to your email contact and allow them to cross-reference with their details to see who you know already who may have a twitter account.

This can be a quick way to find those you know who may be n twitter….this is best done from a club email rather than your own personal email to keep the contacts relevant.

Club-And-Coach-How-to-Get-Your-Club-On-Twitter---Select-FriendsYou will now come to a page asking you to find people to start follow by asking you what topics interest you, but don’t start following people just yet. So unselect all and continue…..but a follow of @clubandcoach won’t do any harm.

If you want to Skip the next popups asking about notifications, as these are texts/emails letting you know every time something happens to your account, i.e. new likes, friends etc. etc. In our opinion, they are more of an annoyance at the beginning.


Step 7 -Confirm Your Email Address

The final page that this brings you to is your home page, at the top, it has a red bar asking to confirm your email, as well as being sent an email with a verification link. You should do this for security reasons.


Congratulations, your club now has a Twitter account!

What Next?

Step 8 – Fill Out Your Profile

At this point, you should start to fill out the details of your club in the profile section before you start following people.

Why? Because clicking “follow” on another person or organisations profile often gets them to click on and check out your account. You want your profile page to have all the relevant information about your club. First impressions are essential in real life, and even more so online where there are millions of others just like you.


So click the “Profile” button in the settings area of your home page

Upload a picture of your club, and its logo help get you more followers since it helps to identify your club.

Next click “Choose file” near the picture icon and find a photo you or logo like to upload

Add a short description of your club (fewer than 160 characters) in the bio box.

It’s also worth specifying your city/county/area, as there may be more than one club with a similar name to yours. Don’t forget to link to the clubs website.

Step 9 – Send Your First Tweet

Since you’re no doubt champing at the bit to get started and become a real Twitterer, why not send your first tweet. It will be the best way to learn how to Tweet – learning by doing.

You can see how we sent our first tweet in this short video.

As you can see in the bottom right-hand corner of the video, you have up to 280 characters to write in the “What’s Happening?” box.

A minus sign will appear if you’ve gone over the limit. Resist the urge (for now) to use, what will seem at this point, strange Twitter language. You’ll pick this up as you go.

Once you’re happy with your tweet, click the Tweet button.

Your tweet will be visible on your Twitter page, for anyone to see either now or later.

So there you go. You’re a Twitterer! It may seem like a steep learning curve from here, as plenty more to learn, but you’re on your way, well done

Step 10 – Decide How to Use Twitter for your clubs Goals

Now you’re set up and finished this Twitter tutorial, the clubs next step will be to decide who to follow, what you will be tweeting and who will have access to the account.

Did this help? Let us know if we missed anything or if you get stuck.

If you are happy, then you should read our article Top Ten Twitter Tips, as a guide to help your club figure out where to go next.