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About Us - Club & Coach

About Us

Club and Coach was created to make your life as a busy coach or club manager simpler, by signposting you to relevant training opportunities which are great for CPD (continual professional development). No matter what sport you’re into, we’re a one-stop shop, providing comprehensive course listings and a wealth of valuable information on all kinds of topics, including digital marketing.
You can easily download our templates and fact sheets, read our blogs and interviews, or browse through our list of online courses – whatever you need to improve your knowledge or experience.

How Club and Coach can help you

Whether you want to complete a sports first aid course, a child protection course, or would like to find out about coach education, we provide information on all this and more. Why waste time searching multiple websites when you can find everything you need right here at Club and Coach?

We’ve contacted the organisations who can deliver the courses you need, and you can even add your club to the website if you’d like to promote any courses. Going forward, we’ll also be introducing a job listing resource, so stay tuned for more on this, and we hope to launch our services throughout Ireland and the UK soon.

How does the site actually work?

Basically, if you work or volunteer in the sports industry and want to upskill yourself or your team, then Club and Coach provide a handy resource which lists local CPD courses. We save you time by compiling everything in the one place and will update you regularly on the latest opportunities.

You can easily search for and view courses on the site by using keywords and location searches, but to access the specific details, you’ll have to log in as a member. Either way, it’s all absolutely free. We also have a blog to read and documents to download, for extra support.

What can we expect from the weekly and monthly newsletters?

Our weekly newsletters will include information on upcoming courses within the next 10 days, while our monthly newsletters will include listings for the next month and a week. Both newsletters will also include links to our blogs and interviews, and will signpost you to sources of funding.

Club and Coach

Do I have to be a member to find out about the courses?

Anyone can visit the Club and Coach website and see what’s available, but to access specific course details and to contact the organiser to make a booking, you will have to log in.

How Is Club And Coach Funded

www.clubandcoach.com is free to use and doesn't, at this point, allow advertising – anything on the main site is here because we believe it's the best way to help clubs, their coaches and their volunteers. That's based on independent, detailed and specialised journalistic research by members of the team.

So how does Club & Coach generate revenue?

Companies cannot pay to appear on the site, as yet. Guides are written purely from a 'what's the best way to save help clubs?' stance. Once the guides are finished, it's the commercial team's job to see if they can find 'affiliate links' to the top products.

These look and work in the same way as standard links, but if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site. The details vary – sometimes the payment's per click, per user, per application, per accepted use or any combination.

We only use affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct. However, as these are technologically generated, issues can happen, so please let us know if you spot any.

We don't track individuals' data (unless we've asked you, where it's necessary for a specific Club & Coach service). Nor will we ever sell it to third parties, or pass it on, without the individual user's permission.

Doesn't this compromise the site?

We don't believe so. The Club And Coach articles are written then, entirely separately, paid links are looked for. If no paying link is available, nothing in the guide changes. If the best is the best and doesn't pay, it stays the best. The link used merely is 'non-affiliated', i.e., non-paying. Financial considerations do not impact inclusion in articles.

Where do the links come from?

Even though you don't necessarily see it, the links to products come from a range of Sites or affiliate sites such as Tradedoubler or Affiliate Window. Their links are used, and then if someone clicks through, ClubAndCoach.com gets a split of their revenue.

We usually try to avoid going directly to, or building a relationship with, product providers themselves, to reduce opportunities for them to exert pressure (which we'd ignore anyway). Occasionally, links are direct, for example to comparison services, new cards or shopping, when, within the context of the guides, they're the best way to help clubs.

We want you to know when links are affiliated...

what an affiliate link looks like

Unlike many sites that use affiliate links, from the very first time we used them we were always deliberate about including a * after every one (and we're pleased to see a few other sites starting to adopt this).

This is so you know which links contribute to the main site and which don't so that you can make your own decision. We hope you will choose the ones that help pay for the considerable resource the main site offers.

Occasionally, this means you'll go to one of the websites landing pages to get the product. However, the product itself will be the same – or possibly even better – and you shouldn't notice a difference in any way.

In other words, if there's a link to supersportsequipment.com because it's the cheapest provider, and has a *, you'll go through directly, and the main site may get some money. If it doesn't have a *, you'll go through, and it won't make money. That's the only difference.

Is this different to other sites?

Yes, although following the success of Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert.com's clean way of doing things, other sites have adopted similar rules.

In general, there are two primary models. Most magazines and websites work through a subscription model and some paid-for services such as support. We prefer to keep this site free, especially as a good number of clubs couldn't afford to pay.

The other is used by more commercial sites, which prioritise, or even limit inclusion only to, products that pay them.

We hope and believe this site's recommendations are the best. Plus this site isn't just about 'finding the best product', instead it's 'finding the best product and using it in a way that works for you, not the company'.

Everything we write is unbiased, objective and free from outside influence. Our stance can mean we list offers others don't

Some other sites out there don't usually include non-paying accounts in their best-buy tables and guides. The core difference is that their top recommendations tend to be ones that pay them.

This is reflected in lots of different subjects at various times. As these issues don't impact ClubAndCoach.com, its best guides are better.

Contact Us

Fill in our contact form below if you have any queries and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: Sign up to our blog and newsletter to stay up to date with courses in your area. Be social… Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy ‘Twitter Tuesday’ and ‘Facebook Friday’, when we’ll update you about new courses.