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Writing A Press Release For Your Club - Club & Coach
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Writing A Press Release For Your Club

Writing A Press Release For Your Club

Writing A Press Release For Your Clubs Events

As we mentioned in our article on 52 Tips to Develop your club, writing a clear and concise press release can help promote your club and its events. From speaking to some journalists, they can be beneficial to them in getting the information quickly, especially if your club is a “smaller” sport that editors are reluctant to send reporters to cover.

Working with clubs, we have found that speaking to the local press about what they want in their release and how it should be formatted has helped them to get their clubs reports, event press and articles published over other clubs and sports.

What Is A Press Releaseclub-and-coach-press-release

A press release, also known to journalists as a media release, is a written article from your club that announces newsworthy events, promotions and/or Successes. Like editorials, opinion pieces and match reports, press releases are an excellent opportunity to get your clubs information published locally, or nationally, at no cost to the club. As said above, a release may be tailored to each paper/company or even journalist. Each will have their way or style that they want you to write the version in, and it’s worth speaking to them to find this out.

When To Write Your Release

Right Now! As they say, there is no time like the present. Your club should take every opportunity to have a press release written. They are written before and after your event takes place. This makes sure you are giving the most information in a timely way.

What Should Be In Your Release?

1. Headed Paper

  • To increase the professional image of your club, always use headed notepaper either electronic or actual hard copies.
  • Have you and your clubs contacts details on the top, along with in the footer

2. Headline


  • This should be typed in larger bold font centralised on the page
  • Make it short, snappy and on point
  • The words PRESS RELEASE should be in bold next to or above the headline

3. First Paragraph

  • Begin with the date and the location
  • Ensure that the first couple of sentences describe precisely what is or has happened. Ideally, it should start with a bang.
  • The rest of the paragraph should have as much of the vital information as possible, ie the who, what, when, where and how.

4. Main Body

  • Give all of the information in order of importance
  • Paint the full picture for the reader short, concise sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use statistics and facts to illustrate your points
  • Avoid jargon, for example, money instead of grant funding
  • Don’t use acronyms such as NGB, spell them out so that everyone knows what you mean


  • Include direct quotes from those most involved to give your story relevance.
  • Keep the quotes brief
  • Include their names and position/Job title
  • Make sure you get their approval before you publish their quote.

6. Images

  • A picture says a thousand words, so take advantage of this and supply your images
  • If there are budding photographers in the club, use them as much as possible and try to get set up pictures.
  • Include captions on all of the images to describe what is going on and who is in the pictures

club-and-coach-Spell-CheckCheck It And Check It Again

At the risk of sounding like one of your teachers, check spell check and check again. Have some else proofread it as well. You can use spell check on your computer and other programs like Grammarly to check the spelling and grammar. The less work that the editor has to do the better it will look for you and your club.

Finally, Follow Up On It

After you have sent your press release, make sure and follow up with all of those that you sent it to. Find out when and where they will be publishing it, this way you can use your social media to highlight it to your members. We would also recommend that you paste the Release into the body of your email and send as an attachment.

Every week we will be writing a short 5-minute how-to article to help you if you have anything you want to find out, please let us know. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed this article, please let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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