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Frequently Asked Questions

How Club and Coach can help you

Whether you want to complete a sports first aid course, a child protection course, or would like to find out about coach education, we provide information on all this and more. Why waste time searching multiple websites when you can find everything you need right here at Club and Coach?
We’ve contacted the organisations who can deliver the courses you need and you can even add your own club to the website if you’d like to promote any courses. Going forward, we’ll also be introducing a job listing resource, so stay tuned for more on this, and we hope to launch our services throughout Ireland and the UK in 2017.

Why is Club and Coach free to use?

Club and Coach is currently funded by Multi Active Coaching and is also a sister organisation of Sports First Aid, which is still managed by Colin. In the future, Club and Coach will offer opportunities to buy certain resources, which will also help to support the site.

How does the site actually work?

Basically, if you work or volunteer in the sports industry and want to upskill yourself or your team, then Club and Coach provides a handy resource which lists local CPD courses. We save you time by compiling everything in the one place and will update you regularly on the latest opportunities.
You can easily search for and view courses on the site by using keywords and location searches, but to access the specific details, you’ll have to log in as a member. Either way, it’s all absolutely free. We also have a blog to read and documents to download, for extra support.