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Top 10 Twitter Tips For Sports Clubs

Top 10 Twitter Tips For Sports Clubs

Top Ten Twitter Tips For Sports Clubs

Like many over the past few weeks, for a variety of  very high profile reasons we are sure, we’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past week or so, going through twitter for a number of articles that we are brining together for release over the next few months.

While going through many different twitter accounts, we found that there are a huge number of clubs, and sports, that are potentially not using their twitter accounts as best as they can.

While some are excellent on twitter, posting regularly and creating relationships via the social media platform. As twitter themselves say

“People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world right now, to share information instantly, and to connect with people and businesses around the globe.”

So, to help you and your clubs we have come up with our Top Ten Twitter Tips to get the most out of your account.


Getting Started

1.Fill Your Profile Information – This is your opportunity to sell and promote your club, it will normally be the first thing people see who they click on your profile so make it worth reading.

  • Profile Picture – Ideally, this will be your clubs crest or logo, as its what people will see in the picture when you tweet. it should be a decent quality and stand out.
  • Background Image – This picture should convey an image that sums up your club, if you are a family friendly club make sure this reflects this ie have smiling kids enjoying themselves
  • Location – Aside from helping others to find you, this also helps separate you from other clubs of the same name…for example there are a dozen or so Eoghan Rua GAA clubs in Ulster alone
  • Website – Why wouldn’t you want to put up your website, it gives people the opportunity too find out more about your club…its also where you want to build traffic to sell to advertisements….if you don’t have a website use your Facebook group.

2. Have a Strategy – While this may sound like something that needs a 50 page document, it doesn’t. Your club just needs to decide on what it will be used for, as remember Twitter posts generally get read most in the first two hours after its posted.

This is why most clubs, teams and organisations use it for game updates, or post multiple times about the same news story.

You will also have to decide who can have access to the account….as this is your clubs reputation at the end of the day, having a Donald Trump Esq battle of whits with an unknown twitter user may not be the best idea.

First Steps

3.  Find People – As a Sports club we highly recommend that you follow your local, county and national governing bodies, as it will will keep you updated about what they are up to…and they will see that you are on twitter so can interact with your club. Do this for your own clubs players, volunteers and sponsors.

4. Find Local Accounts – Twitter is a social media, therefore get social with it, follow local clubs, businesses and people in your community. Make sure you try to interact with them, as you never know who is behind that twitter handle…maybe a new player or your next sponsor.

5. Manage Your Followers – On twitter anyone can follow you and, as above, you can follow anyone else. The tweets of those you follow appear in your Home Feed, so only follow those that follow you and those accounts that you find interesting or useful…..the last thing you want is to miss something because someone on your feed has sent 400 tweets today. If someone that follows you is a prolific tweeter, than you can always go into settings (the title cog icon) and mute them.

Getting the conversation going

6. Posting A Tweet – You have 140 characters in a tweet, however, it is recommended that yo keep tweets short and sweet. Around 100 characters is the recommended length for people to quickly read and get the message.

7. Use Pictures – Its often stated that a picture is worth 1000 words, and with twitter its not far off. In a study by twitter, they found that tweets with a picture get 313% more engagement that  the without. To enhance this engagement you can

  • Make sure the pictures are clear and interesting
  • Tag in people in the pictures or those you are targeting ie press
  • Adding text into a picture can help you get around the 140 character limit and         produce a powerful graphic effect. Make sure its clear enough to be seen easily       on a smartphone since most Twitter users are on mobile.

8. Be consistent – Theres nothing worse than going hell for leather tweeting for a few weeks and then giving up because you haven’t got a million followers. When running a club account, commitment to posting is incredibly important for ensuring you continuously add value to your followers. We would recommend posting once a day. There is always something to tweet for example

  • Saturday (Game day) Team line up, team photo, updates of the game/s, man on the match then the results. You can also like other results
  • Sunday – Tweet the result again, the match report on your website, links to any galleries on facebook.
  • Monday – tweet links from the local press who you sent a match report to
  • Tuesday – Tweet pictures of training, next weeks fixtures, league tables
  • Wednesday – Tweet links from local press who have published stories
  • Thursday – tweet pictures of training, any news stories from the club ie birthdays
  • Friday – Pre match report on your website, fixtures and any results from mid week games

9. Organise your tweets – To save time, as well as ensure that you are staying consistent, it’s a good idea to schedule tweets. By planning for Tweets to go out at peak times, you can ensure you are improving visibility of your club. You can use some of these resources to organise and schedule tweet, most have a free option

10. Have patience – While instant gratification is something that we all love nowadays, patience with your social media approach is key. In realising that you will not get thousands of followers, retweets, or favourites on the first day, you are able to concentrate on building fanbase through engagement and content, which will help your number of quality followers and interactions flourish organically


As you read these tips, pick just a few that suit you best. Try those, then add on, or substitute as you go. Soon, as your  clubs Twitter feed becomes a stream of relevant information for your fans, you’ll begin to get the most  from Twitter for your club.

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